• Spanish Harlem Orchestra Anniversary

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    Best Tropical - Anniversary



Released: 4/16/2018
Label: ArtistShare
Format: Digital download, CD

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Best Tropical Album - Anniversary


Multi-Grammy® Award winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra founder Oscar Hernández is all about tradition. Born into a large Puerto Rican family living in the Bronx, it was the nearby Spanish Harlem neighborhood that shaped his cultural musical sensibilities. The soundtrack to this bustling enclave in the ‘60s, emanating from any given window on any given day, was a mix of Latin Jazz and American pop radio. In the spirit of this tradition the Spanish Harlem Orchestra was born.

With each album, and every Grammy nomination, this Latin Jazz powerhouse knows it is crucial to continually push themselves and raise the bar. We are very proud to host Oscar and the members of this world class ensemble on here ArtistShare.

For your consideration:
Best Tropical Album - Anniversary

Spanish Harlem Orchestra

New York, NY